Training - U18 Essential Wilderness skills



Survival Encyclopedia presents its  Junior Survival Course

Our junior survival course  is one of the most popular and exciting adventures kids can experience. Not only does it teach kids practical survival skills in a safe and supervised environment, it also teaches kids how to problem solve, be resourceful, be patient, respect and understand nature.


This one day course is designed for children aged 12 to 17. It teaches kids how to prepare for their next outdoor adventure and the fundamentals of survival in case something goes wrong while they are out and about.  It will be an educational and rewarding experience that both inspires and encourages kids to spend more time in the wilderness, and gives them the confidence they need to do it safely.


It is conducted entirely outdoors in all weather conditions. The class size is limited to groups of 8.


Training modules include: psychology of survival; using a knife for survival purposes; making knots; building bush shelters; lighting fires; getting help for rescue; finding water; and navigation essentials.



Your instructor Cyril Delafosse-Guiramand, is a seasoned adventurer that learnt these skills in the most remote and rugged environments with local tribesmen. He has trekked, sailed and driven in many expeditions around the world including walking 11,000km from Siberia to Laos and has been a survival adviser during the production of Hollywood film.



  • duration: 1 day
  • start time: 8:30am  |  End time: 5:30pm
  • price: $175 per person
  • lunch included
  • weather: our programs runs in all weather
  • location: near Canberra (on Sutton Rd)
  • course date:  every wednesday of NSW, VIC and ACT school holidays


Dates for 2023 and 2024

  • Every wednesday of school term holidays ACT / NSW / VIC



Booking & Availabilities :

email us at ' ihaveaquestion (at) '



Luke Simmons

" Cyril runs an excellent survival course for those who want to improve their knowledge and skills out in the bush. Course covers the principles of preparation and survival, along with many excellent practical exercises. I had a great day and the course is highly recommended. "



Marlon Butler

" Was a great course- however just one day did not seem enough for the vast amount of knowledge and experience Cyril has in this field. Still, highlights for me included thinking about then making a basic survival kit, learning about the importance of making a fire, and how everything you carry has multiple purposes. I highly recommend this course and any of his longer courses as well. "



David Kelly

" Really great course that taught me a lot of new tips and tricks about surviving and thriving in the bush. Cyril is a great instructor and a responsible operator. Can't wait to do the advanced course."