Training - Essential Wilderness Survival

Learn and practice the essentials of outdoors skills. This one day course is packed with practical knowledge that all outdoor enthusiasts should know to travel lighter and maximise chances of survival in the case of an emergency.


Training modules include: the psychology of survival; fundamentals of outdoors comfort (shelter, fire); basics of getting help (signalling, navigation); and sustenance (sourcing food and water).


Your host Cyril Delafosse Guiramand, is a seasoned adventurer that learnt these skills in the most remote and rugged environments with local tribesmen. He has trekked, sailed and driven in many expeditions around the world including walking 11,000km from SIberia to Laos and has been a survival adviser during the production of Hollywood film. His approach to survival is very different to most instructors and you'll be surprised !


  • duration: 1 day
  • start time: 8:30am  |  End time: 5:30pm
  • price: $225 per person
  • lunch included
  • weather: our programs runs in all weather
  • location: Canberra
  • course date:  every last saturday of the month.


Dates for 2022 and 2023

  • canberra training, every last saturday of the month except December
  • island survival in Tonga in November 2022 and March 2023
  • tropical survival in Solomon Islands in December 2022
  • moutain survival in European Alps in September 2022

For overnight training of 1, 2 or 3 nights please contact us directly

  • price: 1st day $300 per person, following days are $200 per perso
  • for example: 3 days = 300+ 200 + 200 = $700
  • last day finishes at 4pm



Booking & Availabilities :

or email us at ' cyrildg (at) '


Survival Encyclopedia presents its  one day ‘Essential Wilderness Survival Skills course for adults in Canberra.



Luke Simmons

" Cyril runs an excellent survival course for those who want to improve their knowledge and skills out in the bush. Course covers the principles of preparation and survival, along with many excellent practical exercises. I had a great day and the course is highly recommended. "



Marlon Butler

" Was a great course- however just one day did not seem enough for the vast amount of knowledge and experience Cyril has in this field. Still, highlights for me included thinking about then making a basic survival kit, learning about the importance of making a fire, and how everything you carry has multiple purposes. I highly recommend this course and any of his longer courses as well. "



David Kelly

" Really great course that taught me a lot of new tips and tricks about surviving and thriving in the bush. Cyril is a great instructor and a responsible operator. Can't wait to do the advanced course."